Literary art trivia: The top ten books of John Grisham

Is reading novels one of your favorite? What kind of books do you want to read? Maybe you have read much school textbooks but we are not talking about that. We are talking about the novels. Novels is one of the literary arts that have existed for a long time and it has produced many of it. Many writers also are famous for these kinds of novels. There can be the comedy, thrillers and many other kinds. Novels are source of entertainment for many readers for many years now. One of my favorite writers is John Grisham.

I was introduced to his novels during college time and use to go to the library to borrow the novels he wrote. He is popular as his novels is also very good. I just stopped reading when i cannot have time due to class schedules. Today, let us see the top ten books that he wrote. John Grisham wrote about 30 novels or books in total that is about laws and crimes and thrillers. You can read one of them if you have not. One of his novels is The king of torts. Next came the Innocent Man, The Partner, The Street Lawyer, The Litigators and The Confession. See this great beauty company in instant service cosmetic company. See more of the blog 醫美診所 from here. This is so nice company.

The next five novels are A Time To Kill, The Rainmaker, The Pelican Brief and the first is The Firm. The last one is the top one in rank and its the first novel I have read that got me hooked.