The different kinds of media

Do you know what is media? How do you define what is media? Many of the media already exist in our time. Some define media as one that is used for communication. Not just for two persons but it can be for as many millions or thousands of people. Media is one that is used to send some information even if one part just receive it and no response is needed. Mostly they use media for a profit purpose. Media can send positive or strong or bad information.

One kind of media is radio that was developed and discovered many years ago. It is a good way to send information as it can reach more places than television. It can be carried anywhere and it is portable. It can be as small to be put in the pocket. It is now integrated as an application in cellphones. The next kind of media is television. It is called the lazy box as it can let you just sit for hours and do nothing. You can only concentrate on it and do not know that time is passing quickly.

Newspaper is kind of print media. It has been in existence for long years and was used many times for advertisement, delivering information and news. It is also used to give entertainment as comics is put in it, important source. The internet is now a growing media and many website here can be browsed for news.