The top five poems written in English

Have you tried making your own poem? In school they usually make students write poems and other forms of arts and literature. When they teach us about the arts and the artists behind them in every genre, they try to teach us to become one by requiring us to write our own poems. They can even let you deliver it in front of the class. Many experiences connected with building or writing ones own poem cannot be listed. It produced attraction to some and they then start to love making poems.

Others just make for the sake of completing the requirement. In the world of poetry, there are many poets and their own poems that became popular that we will share today in this article. The first one popular poet in the world that wrote the [poem in English is The one written by William Shakespeare that is sonnet 15. Percy Shelly is the next in the list. He have written the Love’s Philosophy. It talks about the flowers in the garden, the fountains and rivers. And all about caring for dental health over this site info 牙醫診所. It is a good poem that refreshes the soul.

Next poets is George Gordon that wrote the She Walks in Beauty poem. It was written in unique way. Next is William Ernest Henley that wrote the poem Invictus with such determination and full emotion. The last one in the list is Mary Elizabeth Frye and you try how to write poem also.