What is Literature For?

We are given the same amount of time but we spend it differently. Some are just easy going and others are hardworking spending the 24 hours full time. Why do we need to read a lot of books, articles and so on? What is literature for? What good or benefit it is for us? Let us think about some of the ways literature benefit us. In fact it saves you time. It may look like wasting time but literature is ultimately the greatest time saver.

It gives us access to a range of emotions and events that it would take us years and decades to try to experience directly. Beneficially, it means that we will gather information even from the past and have an understanding how and what was going on before and even have an insight for the future. Literature is like a reality simulator, a machine that puts us through infinitely more situations than we could ever directly witness.

It lets us speed up time in order to see stages of life from childhood to old age. It helps us to assess your life in relation to that of others. Moreover, literature makes us nicer. Reading literature will change our point of view as we will experience to be on someone’s point of view. The point of view of the writers will give great influence to readers. By that, the way you think of the world, politics, economy, society is different. Most probably, we are more positive and innovative.